Two Dessert Obsessions

The Iced Ginger Cookies, all snuggled up together on a tray. These molasses cookies are seasoned with ginger and cinnamon, then topped with a thin layer of shortening icing.

Iced Ginger Cookies from the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook

The first time I visited Greenwich Village, back in high school, I remember stopping into the Magnolia Bakery for one of their legendary cupcakes. Although we live near Houston, nothing had prepared us for the city exhaustion (and excitement) New York would bring. A few days into our weeklong trip, we were growing slightly more accustomed to the crowds — but I know that we couldn’t find a place to sit and eat the cupcakes that had beckoned to us from the bakery windows. Of course…we enjoyed them anyway.

Fast forward to Sunday night, where I’m sitting in the living room with no more Arrested Development to watch. So I pulled the Magnolia Bakery cookbook off the kitchen shelf and started flipping through it (one of my roommates brought it home for all of us to share, no doubt hoping for baked goods. She knows I’m into food). I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make something, but when I stumbled on the Iced Ginger Cookies (page 53) I just couldn’t say no. They’re definitely a hit with my housemates. I eat one with my coffee at breakfast every morning. Probably not so healthy, but very delicious. (I also eat one as a midmorning snack, one after lunch, and one several hours after dinner). I like this recipe because the cookies aren’t too sweet. The cinnamon, ginger and molasses give them enough spice so I can eat them more than once a day without feeling too sugared.

Cheese and Chocolate

Gruyere cheese with dark chocolate chips. It doesn’t take much to leave me feeling satisfied! Also delicious with a glass of red wine.

My other obsession, as those of you who follow me on Facebook will know, is gruyere cheese and chocolate chips. I like to take a little cheese, top it with a chocolate chip, and eat it that way. The saltiness and flavors of the cheese make the chocolate taste richer, I swear! Again, this is a dessert that isn’t too sweet, but is rich enough to leave you feeling satisfied.

I tried it with gouda cheese, too — delicious, but the gouda doesn’t go as well with the chocolate as the gruyere did. If you try this, I strongly reccomend that you stick with dark chocolate. I like Ghirardelli’s 60% dark chocolate chips (they’re also my favorite for chocolate chip cookies). Milk chocolate may be too sweet to hold up to the stronger flavors of gruyere. Pair with a glass of mild red wine! I have a post on my favorite wine blends coming up — there are two bottles that I love.

Do you have any desserts you’re obsessing over right now? Let me know in the comments below!


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