Hurricane Wine for the Unemployed, or Two Tasty and Affordable Red Blends

For those of you who didn’t know already, I’m a bit of a wine person. White’s okay, but I love a good sparkling or red. My local wine shop suggested these two blends to accompany a spicy jambalaya I made a while ago. I already knew about the Ménage a Trois, but I hadn’t tried the Apothic Red before. When I heard the news of Sandy’s imminent landfall, I hightailed it back to the shop to buy two more bottles.

On the left, the bottle of Ménage a Trois; on the right, the bottle of Apothic Red. Hurricane (or was it superstorm by that point?) Sandy rages in the background.

Apparently I’m not alone. While hurricane preparation in Texas involves lots of water bottles (which I did buy this time, in addition to my wine), boarded up windows (nobody owns their homes here, so no one has custom-cut plywood for their two story houses), and preventative tree-trimming, hurricane preparation in NYC tends to involve a little water and a lot of wine and gourmet food. Or maybe that’s just the foodie set.

Besides hurricanes, both wines are good for a quick weekday night go-to, or for those of us whose palates need a little more than the six dollar bottles at Duane Reade, but don’t really appreciate the more expensive wines yet.


3 thoughts on “Hurricane Wine for the Unemployed, or Two Tasty and Affordable Red Blends

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