Welcome to my food blog! I am a young foodie on a budget, cooking three meals for one every day. I mostly make up recipes, but occasionally I’ll cook from another person’s recipe. I generally operate on the principle that homemade, from-scratch recipes are more affordable than eating out or buying pre-packaged products at the store. I recently graduated from the Columbia Publishing Course, and really like writing about food.

While I live in Brooklyn, I was raised in Houston, Texas and went to school in San Antonio. So I have a penchant for Tex Mex — and want to figure out how to reproduce my favorite southern recipes here in the northeast. Of course, I eat all sorts of things.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh wow I just found your blog while googling maxs wine dives borracho bread searching for a recipe and low and behold discovered you! I really love your posts. They are so funny! I love wine and cooking also, and couldn’t help but laugh at your NY hurricane preparedness items! During our first hurricane together a few years back I asked my husband if we had enough supplies and he assured me we did…well I was eating artichoke hearts and sundried tomatoes for 8 days! Now I’m in charge of hurricane food which for me means lots of spaghettios and canned tamales! I live in Houston also and think it would pretty dang fascinating to live in Brooklyn for sure! As a mom my heart was breaking reading about you wrapped up in your blanket in your apt with no heat and wanted to send you lots of good warm soup!!!! Lol. I noticed no recent posts and hope your all sandy-recovered and warm again! I look forward to seeing more from you!

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