Emergency Tex-Mex Menu

Homesickness hits me really hard sometimes, considering I live across the country from most of my family and friends (and both of my poodles). Couple that with my Sandy-related cabin fever, and you get me, in the kitchen for three hours, making as many different taco toppings as possible. I really needed fluffy, fresh tortillas, […]

A Toasty Lunch with Pear and Gruyere

  I’m always looking for an easy lunch that doesn’t take up too much time (or money). Usually, that means I throw whatever’s in my fridge on a slice of bread and see how it tastes. Yesterday, after reading through dozens of food blogs for my internship, I was craving something with pear and gruyere. […]

Prosecco Salad with Sautéed Chicken (Or, the best salad I’ve ever made)

Not to say I’m good at making salads, but I’ve tried my hand at a few. They are usually what I eat in between posts, and they are usually never worth posting. But this one, inspired by the dribble of prosecco leftover from my Pan Borracho, made the cut. Even better: the dressing is made […]