Emergency Tex-Mex Menu

Homesickness hits me really hard sometimes, considering I live across the country from most of my family and friends (and both of my poodles). Couple that with my Sandy-related cabin fever, and you get me, in the kitchen for three hours, making as many different taco toppings as possible. I really needed fluffy, fresh tortillas, […]

Comfort Food Craving: Frito Pie with Mole Chili

First of all: HEB needs to haul ass up to Brooklyn. If Century 21 can find space for excessive amounts of designer clothes and chocolates that no one wants to eat, then HEB can find space for a decent grocery store. I should never have to go to four stores to find a bag of Fritos. Duane Reade finally […]

Texas Breakfast: TACOS

Apparently, most people in New York City have no idea that breakfast tacos exist. A travesty as far as I’m concerned. That means they probably don’t know what kolaches are, either. Anyway, for breakfast this morning, I needed some Taco Taco. But since they don’t deliver to Brooklyn, I tried using some of the ingredients […]