Because Butternut Squash Is All Over the Internet

Okay, so I do realize that you probably don’t read as many food blogs as I do on a daily basis. But even if you just have a Pinterest account and follow people interested in eating, you probably know that butternut squash is simply the thing to eat right now. I had never cooked with the stuff […]

Prosecco Salad with Sautéed Chicken (Or, the best salad I’ve ever made)

Not to say I’m good at making salads, but I’ve tried my hand at a few. They are usually what I eat in between posts, and they are usually never worth posting. But this one, inspired by the dribble of prosecco leftover from my Pan Borracho, made the cut. Even better: the dressing is made […]

Weekend Splurge: Max’s Pan Borracho (Drunk Bread) Mimic

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery Cheese, bread, and wine. All in one dish. I just finished my first piece and my tastebuds are still tingling. Um, sorry. I had been craving a visit to one of my favorite haunts in San Antonio, Max’s Wine Dive. There’s nothing that a glass of La Marca […]

Comfort Food Craving: Frito Pie with Mole Chili

First of all: HEB needs to haul ass up to Brooklyn. If Century 21 can find space for excessive amounts of designer clothes and chocolates that no one wants to eat, then HEB can find space for a decent grocery store. I should never have to go to four stores to find a bag of Fritos. Duane Reade finally […]